Keep track of and manage agreements between two parties for different projects.




Trackify helps keep track of and manage agreements between two parties for different projects. The app is designed to simplify the process of creating, negotiating, and operating agreements between two parties, with the aim of increasing transparency and reducing the risk of disputes.

The Problem

Creating and managing agreements between two parties can be time-consuming, complex, and prone to errors. Traditional methods of managing agreements, such as email and paper-based systems, can be inefficient and lack transparency. This can lead to misunderstandings, disputes, and delays, which can be costly and damaging to both parties.

The Solution

Trackify provides a platform for two parties to create, and manage agreements in a streamlined and efficient manner. The app is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for those who have little experience with contract law. The app also provides a dashboard that allows parties to track the progress of their agreements, view upcoming deadlines, and receive reminders when payments or other obligations are due. The app also enables parties to store and access their agreements in a secure and organized manner.

Project phases

A streamlined process that prioritizes the important tasks and effectively translates the solution into a maximal product was being adopted.

Feature Prioritization

We carefully evaluate which features we should implement and which ones to avoid. We decided to use the feature prioritization using the MoSCoW model of prioritization and divided the features into the categories Must have, Should have, Could have, and Won’t have.

Information Architecture

The initial strategy was to develop a relatively informative system of information to build the user flow.

User Flow

After the finalising the Information Architecture, we moved on to carving out a simplified the process of creating and managing agreements. Along with the additional features of creating and managing individual entities.


To maximise the product’s feasibility, we visualized the skeleton of the app first to get an overall idea of the future opportunities or scope of the product.


The logo is a simple representation of lines or tracks that refer to progress and also rotated to resemble a tick mark’s end.

Color & Typography

The fern green color and a clean sans-serif typeface for establishes a professional, simple aesthetic for the product and ensures a pleasant feeling to the user.

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